Tasuta saatmine Eesti piires*
2in1 universaalne täis süsiniktallaga Fischeri tippsaabas, mida profisportlased kasutavad suusavahetusega sõidus (klassika + uisk) ning pikamaasuusatajad ka paaristõugetega läbitavatel klassikamaratonidel. Ka ambitsioonika harrastaja jaoks piisavalt jäiga tallaga uisutehnikaks, samas tänu painduvale varbaosale võimaldab sõita ka klassikasammu ning ideaalne paaristõugeteks.

FitConcept: Race (st pigem kitsamale jalalabale)
sole: TURNAMIC® Speedmax
bootFlex: soft (natuke ninast), pigem stiff
Weight: 450 g

* World Cup Carbon Cuff 2.0 (maailmakarika süsinikust kõõlusetugi)
* Integral Carbon Chassis (süsinikust kest)
* Zero Play Hinge (null nihkega liigend)

* Ultra light, ultra tech carbon boot (ülikerge)
* Snug, secure fit and feel (ümber jala liibuv)
* Supportive lateral stability with excellent foward range of movement (külgsuunas jäiga kannaosa, kogu jõud suundub edasi liikumisse)

Carbon Zone Control
Carbon Zone Control enables to provide the optimal flex and torsion stiffness throughout all cross-sections of the integral carbon chassis. Mindfully designed geometrie and carbon-layup for the individual needs of skating, classic or combi boots on cutting-edge race level.

Easy-fix Velcro
Tool-free interchangeable Velcro fastener simplifies replacement if needed.

Easy Entry Loops
Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on/taken off comfortably.

Extended Fit System
The dual insole system offers additional fit control. Less volume for slim feet or more space for growing feet. Just add or remove EVA-layer under insole.

Fischer Fresh
Fischer Fresh puts an end to unpleasant odours, giving you lasting freshness inside the cross country skiing boot with a pleasant smell and feeling inside.

Fischer Speed Lock
New, revolutionary quick lock with minimum size and weight. Simply pull the laces tight , that's it! The system is safe and reliable.

Integral Carbon Chassis
Outer sole, insole and side stabilisation elements manufactured from the same sheet of carbon. For previously unattained light weight with optimum stability power transfer.

Interchangeable Cuff
Screw-mounted cuff enables easy maintenance and personalization if another cuff size is required. Torx T20 flat head stainless steel M4x8mm screw is secured with Loctite blue threadlocker.

Lace Cover
Lace covers for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions and to give you a comfortable warm feeling.

Made in EU
Cross country boots "made in Europe" set the highest standard for our premium products and decrease Fischer´s ecological footprint in line with our brand values.

We refrain entirely from using PVC (Polyvinylchloride) on boots with the 100% PVC-free logo.

The RACE CODE label of quality guarantees technological lead for professionals and ambitious skiers, direct from Fischer’s racing department.

Race Fit Concept
The right fit for all requirements. Whether it˜s shaped for the female foot with the comfort or race version, customised for the feet of young skiers, meeting the comfort requirements of all-rounders or for direct power transfer in racing: the Boot Fit Concept with special lasts is the answer to all the different needs and morphologies of the various consumer groups.

Sealed Zipper
The specially sealed zipper system ensures that any moisture is kept out.

Seamless Upper
No-stitching seams in the upper material is not just a matter of aesthetics, it provides also best protection against water and long lasting bonding.

Thermo Insole
Insole with fleecy top layer and aluminium-lined lower layer for ideal insulation to keep out the cold.

Thermo Mouldable Design
Boots featuring TMD are ready for custom boot fitting. All materials used for the shoe upper are adaptable with heat and special tooling. Easy work for boot service staff and boot-fitters. Optimized fit for consumers with individual orthopedic needs like hallux valgus or ganglions.

TURNAMIC® Speedmax Sole
New, lightweight 2-piece TURNAMIC® outsole provides optimal flex.

World Cup Carbon Cuff 2.0
New ultralight carbon cuff ensures extremely light weight, excellent side stability and best forward freedom of movement.

Zero Play Hinge
The solid connection of the Zero Play Hinge provides excellent stability and lateral support for efficient energy transfer, while allowing for a full range of motion forwards and backwards for top speed.