Power Meter vändad Shimano Dura-Ace R9200-P

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Power Meter vändad Shimano Dura-Ace R9200-P

A vital tool for serious cyclists, the DURA-ACE FC-R9200-P power meter delivers reliable, waterproof, dual-sided power measurement. With a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth®LE and ANT+ connectivity, the FC-R9200-P is a user-friendly training partner.

The DURA-ACE FC-R9200-P power meter brings everything a data-driven cyclist could want. Its integrated, waterproof design brings all-weather reliability while delivering accurate information including left/right balance. A rechargeable Li-ion battery is user-friendly and Bluetooth®LE and ANT+ connectivity ensure easy sеtup.

Integrated, waterproof, and rechargeable Li-ion battery
Up to 300+ hours of ride time * Depending on ANT+/Bluetooth®LE sеttings

Accurate data collection
< 1.5% strain gage accuracy throughout the entire calibration range * Depending on ANT+/Bluetooth®LE sеttings
Proprietary strain gauge

Possible to start quickly
Simple zero offsеt calibration with switch on transmitter

Active temperature compensation
Software automatically compensates for temperature changes

The provision of new force vector data makes it the optimal training tool to analyze and improve pedal stroke efficiency

With SHIMANO CONNECT Lab, you can analyze and visualize your training and power data

Force measurement|Number of strain sensor - 24
Cadence measurement|Magnet - ✔
Accuracy (%) - ±1.5
LED for system status - ✔
Number of control button - 1
Battery|Life - 300 h or longer
Battery|Charging port - ✔
Battery|Charging cable - EW-EC300
Firmware update by E-TUBE PROJECT - ✔
Di2 connectivity wireless|Bluetooth® LE|Cycling power - ✔
Di2 connectivity wireless|ANT+ |Bicycle power - ✔