Klassikasuusad ATOMIC REDSTER C9 CARBON MULTI MED sidemetega


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Klassikasuusad ATOMIC REDSTER C9 CARBON MULTI MED sidemetega
MULTI on Atomic´u ZERO suusk. Süsiniktugevdatud korpusega tippmudel MED paindega.
Komplektis PROLINK SHIFT-IN RACE CLASSIC side NNN saapale (eraldi 99,99€), mida saab sõidu ajal saabas sidemes edasi-tagasi liigutada.

The Atomic Redster C9 Carbon is the lightest and fastest Classic ski in the Redster range. It’s also one of the speediest you’ll find on the pro racing circuit. The key to that speed? The Race Carbon Construction – designed to use carbon as efficiently as possible to give you max power-to-weight ratio. Add to that a premium BI 6000 base tuned with World Cup Grinding, a 10% special additive for superfast glide in all conditions, and a bonded plate and binding system for direct transmission – and this ski is a race rocket! While the Nomex Featherlight Race core is a little broader to help you ski flat out without wiping out.

WEIGHT 202cm: 2x 585g, 197cm 2x 540g
SIDECUT 43/44/44
CONSTR. Race Carbon Construction
CORE Nomex Featherlight Race
BASE BI 6000 BLACK + WC Grinding